Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World.™
Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World.™

Mid-Season SoulCollage® Circle

What is SoulCollage®?

Making SoulCollage® cards is at the center of the creative collage process developed by Seena B. Frost in the late 1980’s.  Since then the work has grown into a global community with over 5,000 facilitators in 50 countries.  The SoulCollage® community values inclusivity, diversity, and cooperative support.  SoulCollage® is creative, enjoyable, and enables us to learn about ourselves in a gentle, respectful way.  Going farther and actually using our cards for guidance and support enables us to access deeper layers of soul.  We activate imagination, intuition, and develop a sacred trust in our own ability to know who we are and what our particular expression is in the world. It is our human nature to resonate with images, and the soul speaks to us through this creative play.  SoulCollage® meets us wherever we are on this journey called life. The spiritual journey is unique for each of us, and we might frame it as the process of becoming increasingly self-aware and conscious.  SoulCollage® is a tool for doing so.  Finally, we don’t have to be professional artists to make SoulCollage® cards. Anyone can create and enjoy this powerful practice; we all learned to cut and paste in kindergarden!

For more see and Seena Frost’s book, SoulCollage® Evolving (2010).

SoulCollage® cards are not to be copied, sold, traded, or bartered. SoulCollage® cards are for personal use only.

Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash
Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash

Mid-Season SoulCollage® Circle 

Meeting quarterly on Sundays; February 4, May 5, August 4 and November 3, 2024

from 1:30 4:00 p.m. CT via ZOOM

Join us for an introduction to SoulCollage® if you’re new to the process or a reintroduction if you already have an appreciation for making the remarkable, surprising, beautiful cards that emerge.  In Mid-Season SoulCollage® we’ll engage in quarterly sessions following the round of nature.  We might think of Mid-Season as a time when we find ourselves in the middle of one season, too soon for the next, getting through each day, persevering, and sometimes there’s lots of “chopping wood and carrying water”.  It’s a unique time between the major holidays to pause for reflection and sense what is moving in our inner lives.  A time to invite our souls to speak through creativity and making SoulCollage® cards…

Suggested Supplies:   5” x 7” chip boards, glue sticks, pictures cut from magazines, calendars, and books (no words, please), and scissors.  Optional:  A framing mat with a 5” x 7” window, self-healing cutting mat, and craft knife.

New to SoulCollage®? 

Join us for an Introduction to SoulCollage® via Zoom.

While SoulCollage® is an intuitive process, there is a method to growing a deck of cards. An Introduction to SoulCollage® will provide a quick dive into making the cards, the four suits, trusting your intuition, and writing about the many voices that emerge to answer your life questions. You will make your first SoulCollage® card at this introduction.

Saint Johns bible pic
  • Orientation will occur 1 hour (12:30 p.m. CT) prior to the start time of each regular quarterly session.
  • Please register and indicate your interest in orientation in the comments section.
  • Please bring the following supplies to orientation; glue, scissors, two pieces of poster paper or chipboard (thin cardboard) cut to 5” x 7” and 10 images or pictures from a magazine or book. Make sure they don’t have words on them!


Suggested Offerings for this program:

(Register for the full series or drop-in on an individual session basis.)

  • Yearly (4 sessions) $80
  • Monthly Drop-in/Orientation $25 per quarter


Questions about registration?  Please contact Dawn Carrillo at or call (320) 260-8233.

About Our Facilitator:  Janet Marinelli

Janet began her journey with SoulCollage® by attending Seeking the Way of Beauty: A SoulCollage® Retreat facilitated by Barbara Sutton in Spring 2019.  She fell in love with the process and has continued to make cards at additional workshops and monthly SoulCollage® Sundays facilitated by Barbara.  Janet took the month long SoulCollage® Facilitator Training and earned her certificate in Summer 2023.  With deep gratitude for Barbara’s remarkable gifts and kindness along the way…

Janet teaches in the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies Program at St. Catherine University with interests in spirituality, energy healing, the creative arts and healing, women and myth, and Jungian psychology.  The overarching theme for Janet’s teaching is transformative process.

To contact the facilitator directly with any questions please email Janet at

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