Photo by Lois Eckes, OSB
Photo by Lois Eckes, OSB

Benedictine Conversations

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the need to ensure the safety of all, we are unable to gather for our usual Benedictine Days series in person at St. Scholastica Monastery. Instead, we invite you to our new, interactive, monthly Zoom gatherings entitled Benedictine Conversations. Each month will feature a guest who will help us explore the Benedictine legacy in our world today!

Presenting our December Benedictine Conversation,

“Hope is not Prognostication:

A Hope Rooted in Benedictine Practices”

with Abbot John Klassen, OSB


Thursday, December 10, 2020
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Abbot John Klassen, OSB
Abbot John Klassen, OSB

As members of a global community, as a nation, we are living in a time when the virtue of hope is being tested to the breaking point.  The SARS CoV-2 coronavirus that is responsible for the pandemic has proven to be extremely agile and mobile, able to hitch a ride with unsuspecting travelers, and to show up uninvited.  As a result, we humans have been forced to physically distance from each other; to live without the social rituals that renew us each day; and to endure fiscal stress, as many have been furloughed without pay.  Social unrest and a divisive presidential campaign have added to the confusion and frustration.  The situation feels overwhelming, out of control.


How does one nourish a hope that is genuine and substantial in the midst of this situation?  In this season of Advent, this conversation will focus on Benedictine practices that nurture hope.

Abbot John Klassen, OSB is in his twenty first year as leader of Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville.  He leads a community of 108 Benedictine monks who sponsor and work at Saint John’s University, Saint John’s Preparatory School, the Liturgical Press as well as in parishes, hospitals and retirement centers, mostly in Minnesota.  With a degree in bio-organic chemistry from Catholic University of America in 1985, he taught organic and biochemistry, as well as an ethics course on technology at Saint John’s University from 1983-2000 before being elected abbot.  He also served as formation director for the abbey from 1993-1999. Abbot John particularly enjoys studying the Rule of Benedict and other monastic sources and relating monastic themes to the challenge of contemporary living.

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**There is no fee for Benedictine Conversations, but gifts to support the Center for Spirituality and Enrichment (a ministry of the Sisters of St. Scholastica) are gratefully accepted.

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