"Befriending Brokenness"

Friday, March 1, 2024 - 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

 St. Scholastica Monastery

“Let us pray . . . oh Lord who on Maundy Thursday didst say to Thy disciples, ‘This is my body, broken for you,’ permit us to use this occasion to offer thee all our broken parts. We ask Thee to take our broken friendships, our broken dreams, our broken promises, promises we made both to others and ourselves; take the broken bodies of some of us, and the broken hearts of all of us.  And take unto Thee everything about us that we may not know is broken, or is going to be broken, and make all things whole again in Thyself. Amen.”


– Gail Godwin, Father Melancholy’s Daughter

We are a wounded people living in a wounded world.  These past few years have both revealed and increased the amount of heartbreak we carry.

While we may hope that our spiritual lives will help us to overcome our pain, our Gospel stories remind us that the way to healing is through the pain.

Our God is inviting us to acknowledge our heartbreak, our woundedness, and our paralysis – to offer thee all our broken parts.

During this Lenten retreat, our facilitator Diane Millis will introduce us to practices for befriending the tender, painful places that arise in our bodies, our hearts, and our wounded world.  Through prayer, reflection, writing, and sacred conversation in small groups, we will collectively hold space for our heartbreak.

Facilitator: As a spiritual director and retreat facilitator, Diane M. Millis, PhD, loves to accompany people as they explore how God is at work amid the joys, hopes, griefs, and anxieties of their lives. A lifelong educator, Diane has taught at the University of Minnesota, the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Saint Catherine University and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.  Diane is the author of three books:  Conversation—the Sacred Art, Deepening Engagement, and Re-Creating a Life (named one of the best spiritual books of 2019).  She facilitates retreats and workshops in a wide array of sectors—educational, non-profit, philanthropic, health care, and corporate.  To learn more about her ministry, visit

Suggested Offering:

  • Commuter: $100 for both days (includes lunch and snacks) (To hold your spot for the retreat, please pay in full today by credit card or within 2 weeks by check.)
  • Retreat & Overnight Stay: $170 for both days with overnight stay (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks)
  • (To hold your spot for the retreat and for your overnight room, please pay in full today by credit card or within 2 weeks by check.)

Scholarships are available!

Please contact Dawn Carrillo at 320-260-8233

or email

Cancellation info:

To cancel and receive a full refund for any reason, please contact us by February 16, 2024. For cancellations due to special circumstances beyond this date, please call Dawn Carrillo at 320.260.8233 or email

Registrations limited to 25.  Please register by February 23, 2024.

What participants are saying about the impact of the "Befriending Brokenness" retreat . . .
  • Honored to be a part of this unfolding and sacred mystery of our time together. There is nothing more profound than recognizing the pain and the love that is shared in the heart of our humanity.
  • Surprised by God, life, and pain, it is not either or, it is both/and, and the sacred Mystery holds us in all of that.
  • Leaving lighter, more sense of awareness of my body, carrying joy with a new depth, through the process of befriending brokenness and knowing the belovedness is fully there.
  • I am amazed that God brought me to here at just the right time with at the right people. I am leaving very encouraged.
  • I am leaving with gratitude and joy, I want to take better care of myself and quit running from feelings. I want to befriend me.
  • Amazed at the power of the horizontalthe sense of being together is so powerful.
  • Grateful that the whole process has helped make connections with the horizontal, and the vertical upward and downward, increased my commitment to mend and sit with broken relationships, with myself. I am grateful for being seen, heard, and encouraged to keep on.
  • Being heard changes the world, and this has been affirmed this weekend.
  • I am carrying trust, trust the future for me will be just what is intended.
  • I am in marvel of the working of the Holy Spirit.
  • Embracing and accepting of more hope and courage.
  • Grateful, fuller person. This retreat offered me a road map to keep on the path.
  • I see how I tell myself a story about a story, a beautiful challenge. I dig ruts in my brain. I am stepping back and asking: how would I look at this differently?
  • Paying attention to the story I am telling myself--what is my deeper belief and need?
  • Light doesn’t shine in a closed box. So I need to open it to share it with others, to let it shine.
  • Inspired by wisdom and caring words, it has been a true gift.

"One Mission, Two Locations"

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